Magician calls in sick!

Posted on February 2, 2014 · Posted in Uncategorized

flu-manSometimes the rigors of travel can get you down. This time it was down with a temperature! It seems I contracted the H1N1 flu and it really knocks you off your feet.

To make matters worse, it hit me the night before we were supposed to fly to catch the Queen Mary 2. If you know anything about the H1N1, it makes you very week and very contagious. Therefore, for the very first time in my career, I had to call in sick.

Keep in mind, this is not like anyone else calling in sick, there were nonrefundable airplane tickets, PLUS they had to get a replacement magician out there with one day’s notice… Ugh. I felt so bad having to cancel. But in  a way, had I somehow been able to get to the ship (halfway around the world), I may have infected others and that just isn’t cool. I am sure I did the right thing, but it still makes me feel bad for everyone I inconvenienced.

Thank you to Cunard, my agent and management team for your help and understanding. Also, I big thank you to my wife that nursed me back to health and made homemade chicken soup! She did a lot that I wasn’t even aware of as there were a few days that I was only conscience four hours in a day.

Get your flu shot!