Why a Trip to Thailand Will Make You Question Everything

Posted on February 29, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorized

I must confess that I love Thailand. Since my first visit I’ve had a true affection for all things Thai. When we recently packed up and made the long trip to the other side of of the world I was very excited. You see, Bobbie had never been. Our last trip to Asia left her wanting more. She totally fell for Hong Kong and Japan. And really wished she had much more time there.

But now it was Thailand. And I was anxious to unfold this country and all its treasures with my wife.

However, she did not initially share my enthusiasm. You see, Bobbie doesn’t eat seafood and as far as she could see EVERYTHING was made with shrimp, fish or squid. Add too that as cruise ship entertainers we begin any exploration of our surroundings from a marine port. Often those are equipped for large containers of goods and equipment. They aren’t typically the most picturesque areas to see.

Most of the things really worth seeing required excursions away from our ship. Because we were fighting jet-lag and balancing our work schedule (we are there to entertain passengers after all), we didn’t get to do so right away. At some point she looked at me and said, “So far, I’m not all that impressed with Thailand, but I’m still willing.”

It gave me pause and I wondered, did I romanticize this? Were my memories changed with time? Perhaps, my wife is just a stick-in-the-mud?

Fortunately we had committed ourselves: We had already made reservations to stay in Bangkok for several days and explore it properly. Frankly I was nervous that Bobbie would have a terrible time. She was already worried she’d starve to death with nothing familiar to eat.

Yet Thailand came through!

We visited two elephant sanctuaries, the Tiger Temple were rescued tigers are cared for by volunteers and monks, the floating market on the river-ways as well as amazing palaces and temples and all surrounded by the hospitable Thai people.

And the food, oh the food! With the help of our Thai guide, Bobbie got brave and tried several dishes and loved them. She got very excited about her new delectable discoveries. Upon returning home she started collecting Thai recipes so that we can continue the magic from home. I’m a lucky man.TigerFred

Somewhere between Bobbie not being impressed and then truly appreciating Thailand, I realized why I love it there so much. It is BECAUSE it is so different. Thailand is exotic. And that is exactly why I took to it so deeply. Everything about it is foreign to my regular life. That is why I embrace it. It challenges me and excites my senses. Look at these photos, truly these are unique experiences…




Bright Temple
Bobbie Becker Floating Market


Magician Trunk

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