Dallas Magician on Stage

Dallas Magician, Fred Becker on the Road & Sea

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Its been a busy Summer for Dallas Magician Fred Becker

This summer brought a lot of travel for Bobbie and me. Half the summer we were in the Mediterranean visiting Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain and France. It was a great time to be there and the weather was perfect the entire three months we were there.

Dallas Magician on cruise

While away we were profiled in “MAGIC,” a magazine for the magic industry. It was a very nice article and made my mother quite proud!

Dallas Magician profiled in magazine

We were barely home a week before we were off to Michigan to perform and lecture at a magicians’ convention. Our performance was very well received and we even became one of the newest recipients for the Senator Crandall award for Comedy! It was an honor I aspired to achieve one day and I’m rather happy to check it off the bucket list. Thank you to all at Abbotts and my co-stars in the show!!!

Dallas Magician wins award

Now its back to Dallas Texas to work magic for shows for special and corporate events! Life as a Dallas Magician seems to mean a lot of time out of Texas!