Magician hurting

Not a kid anymore…

Posted on November 26, 2014 ยท Posted in Uncategorized

As a self-employed entertainer, I always try to keep in mind that if I get sick or injured my business closes. If I can’t be on stage, there is no show. As a result, I try to take VERY good care of myself. Part of taking care of myself though means that I am active. I like outdoor exercise and frankly enjoy adventurous things like SCUBA, hiking, zip lining, and the like.

Bobbie and I just returned from diving with sharks in Bora Bora, did a gig at the Improv Comedy Club and started to prepare to host family for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Our daughters have the week off from school; so I decided that I’d do a little skateboarding with the kids… When I was a teen, I practically lived on my skateboard. And I still have it. Yet it has been decades since I rode on it.

For the most part, the skills were still there.

Until I decided to show off for my daughters. I had a good head of steam going and thought I’d do whats known as a “Kick Turn.” That’s when things got ugly. Near as I can tell here’s what happened. One of my feet slipped off the board onto the pavement. The other stayed on the skateboard, traveling fast. I ended up doing a full split. This is a skill I never possessed. Never.

The result is that I am spending the holiday on crutches. Nothing broken, but I really, really hurt myself. Fortunately, we don’t have any jobs for the next week and as of today I’m feeling more optimistic about recovering in a speedy manner.