How Shaving Revolutionized My Business

Posted on November 1, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorized

A couple of years ago, just for fun, I grew a “soul patch.” You know, that little scruff of facial hair some men  (and a few women) can grow under their bottom lip. Bobbie Becker said it made me look “Edgy.” I like the idea that when my wife looked at me, she saw a modern day rogue. So I ended up keeping it. It became part of my “look.”

Fast forward to this year, when I shaved that tiny bit of hair off. With only a few flicks of the razor I found I no longer matched any of my advertising! All my websites, business cards, my postcards, cover of books I’ve written and even our promotional videos still have that roguish bit of bristle.

What to do?

Seems the only thing to do is to update ALL of those items.

Where do you begin?

With new photos, of course!

In my industry there is one man that is considered the photographer to the stars. His name is Richard Faverty. Richard’s studio in Las Vegas is titled “Beckett Studios.” I’ve always wanted to have him shoot us (in that happy way with a camera). We were headed to Vegas for a job so I contacted Richard. Boy, was that a smart move. He was great. Very easy to talk to, very interested in getting our personalities recorded and most of all, interested in capturing a creative image that tells a story.

Let me tell you, that is no easy thing to do. Magic is linear. You have to see the beginning and the middle to understand the impossibility of the ending. It’s not easy trying to find a single iconic image that explains what the performer is all about. Never mind that we were asking Richard to do so with two personalities that he hadn’t really seen in action before the day of the shoot. He had seen our video, but that is really a teaser. It’s only 3 of 90 minutes that we perform. Nevertheless, he jumped in with great enthusiasm

As we prepared for the photo shoot, Bobbie and I considered many things about our shows. What defines us? What is our image? Our brand? How do you put that into a single photo?

We came up with several ideas, we shopped for new wardrobe that matches those ideas. We wanted to try to create this image without magic props; just us and our personalities.

We left Beckett Studios with hundreds of images.

Fred and Bobbie Becker are up to something

Corporate Magician Fred Becker captures this beautiful singer Bobbie

Now comes the task of going through them all. Deciding exactly what IS the right look. Once we settle on the right ones we have to rebuild all those marketing items; websites, posters, business cards, postcards, etc., etc…

The new look also inspired new magic and illusions. All these will roll out in the coming year. So keep returning to Becker Magic, Dallas Corporate Magician, and watch the slow transformation take place.

And it all began with a shave.