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Posted on February 26, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorized

Hire Dallas Corporate Magicians

We’ve been busy this year building our brand. Even though we still appear all over the world (we just returned home from Bangkok Thailand). We have renewed interest in entertaining closer to home. Thus, I’ve spent a lot of my office time updating our websites to speak to event planners in the Dallas area, Texas as a state, and the Southwest in general.

We put a face on our corporate event services, it is a website called, Dallas Corporate Magician. At this writing it looks to be a one page website, but the truth is there is a ton more once you opt-in. My thinking here was that a busy event planner may just want to know if we are available for their conference, convention or meeting. Once that question is answered we can move on from there. I figured it was more like a conversation.

Hire Dallas Magician


But we didn’t stop there: We updated our longest running website, The overhaul began with a new logo (right here), and things took off from there.

Expect this website to really grow in the next couple months. We are adding a lot of blogs and tips for people organizing meetings and events of all kinds. I’ll have an opt-in set up soon, but we will also make announcements on social media. If you want to be notified when new blogs and tips come out, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Coming soon here at’m going to open a gift shop with plenty of fun magic and Becker stuff you can purchase or download. Watch for that soon. Once I get a break in our performance schedule I will put that in place… But we are pretty darn busy this year!