Two Magicians Once Again on a Cruise Ship!

Posted on March 25, 2014 ยท Posted in Uncategorized

DSC_1196As a magician on a cruise ship, I know that much of my time will be spent away from home. Also, as a magician that has performed on more than 50 different cruise ships, I know that some are better than others!

I have a few favorite ships to work on and our next cruise happens to bring us to a ship that is at the top of my list: the Riviera! She is a beautiful ship, her crew is top notch and and food is the best in the world.

Its time for us to pack up and move our show out to the Mediterranean Sea! If I have to be away from home, I can think of no finer place for this magician…

If you are looking for the spectacular and luxurious vacation – Come see us, two cruise ship magicians on Oceania’s Riviera cruising to France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Israel! Oceania is the best way to travel and always have the best audiences for us. See you there!